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About ESP

Equine Soundness Professionals (ESP) is a professional organization made up of veterinarians and farriers that focus on lameness and podiatry. The mission of this organization is to facilitate and encourage collaboration between the two professions to better prevent and treat lameness by: sharing knowledge, research, and experience;  providing a forum to discuss lameness cases; and promoting evidence-based practices. Too often there is a divide between farriers and veterinarians when working up and treating a lame horse. When we bridge the two professions and improve communication and collaboration, we all stand to learn something from one another and the horse ultimately benefits. With any lameness or injury, it is imperative that the diagnosis is truly understood by all parties, as the shoeing protocol is very important in both treatment of the current lameness and prevention of future unsoundness. This organization is for veterinarians and farriers to share ideas and experiences with the ultimate goals of achieving and maintaining soundness in the horses we care for; improving communication and teamwork between the two professions via online discussion, educational lectures and events; and supporting lameness-based research.

ESP also has an area designated for veterinary students with a focus on equine lameness. Veterinary students are the future of the equine industry and developing a foundation in this area will help serve them throughout their careers, and will also facilitate successful working relationships with farriers. 


Aims and Objectives:

  • ESP will be recognized as the primary veterinary and farrier association that focuses on equine podiatry and lameness.

  • ESP will work to improve understanding and treatment of lower limb lamenesses and the equine foot.

  • ESP will help veterinarians and farriers improve familiarity with the other's profession, increasing each member's knowledge base and skill set.

  • ESP will implement a credentialing program for farriers signifying levels of knowledge and competence in the application of podiatry in lameness cases.

  • ESP will host regular clinics and seminars, wet-labs, and webinars to improve members' knowledge and skills.

  • ESP will conduct and facilitate podiatry and lameness research.

  • ESP will be a primary source of education, professional development, and skills advancement for members.

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