Membership Information

  • ESP offers three membership types: A "Professional Membership" for individual veterinarians and farriers. A “Practice Membership"  is for veterinary clinics that also include farriers within their practice, or private practice veterinarians that work directly with one specific farrier within their practice, or multi-vet practices. Please contact us for discounted pricing.  We also offer our veterinary "Student Membership" that is open to current veterinary students.

  • Membership is open to Veterinarians focusing on lower limb lameness and/or podiatry; farriers with a minimum of 8 years experience whose practice has a strong focus on lameness; and veterinary students with interest in equine lameness and podiatry. 

  • A membership lasts 1 year from the date you sign up

  • If you are already receiving HoofSearch or Hoof Explorer, please contact us directly and we will adjust your membership fee.

Member Benefits

 25% Off All ESP Conferences, Clinics, and Events

Every year, ESP will hold 2-3 themed conferences on specific areas of focus: laminitis, soft tissue injuries, etc.…. As well, we will have several one-day educational events at veterinary hospitals, and university veterinary teaching hospitals. We will also host several owner education events. All conferences, clinics, and events will take place throughout the US, so we reach all members. We will not be focused in one specific geographical area. As a member you will receive 30% off all events.

Subscription to Hoof Explorer

Hoof Explorer is one of the most advanced and state of the art programs for understanding and studying the horse’s foot and anatomy. The program is high tech and in high resolution 3D. It covers over 150 structures. Hoof Explorer is one of the most comprehensive programs focusing on the lower limb. It provides a visual understanding of the anatomy and structures, and their functions.

and Library

Equine Soundness Professionals Webinars

ESP will feature webinars developed and presented specifically for its members. The webinars will be from industry leaders ranging on a long list of topics from laminitis to shoeing protocols for soft tissue injuries to osteoarthritis to scientific based research. It will also include recordings from some of our conferences and clinics. These will only be available to ESP members and we will have a digital library storing all webinars for use at any time by our members.

Equine Soundness Professionals Monthly News

This is a monthly newsletter that you will receive in a digital format. It will provide updates and industry news on things ranging from cases, to upcoming conferences, to research reports and much more! It will also contain current ESP news and insight into what the organizations current objectives and plans are and how we are moving forward.

RACE Credits

RACE Credits

Equine Soundness Professionals hosts 2-3 yearly conferences, which will likely qualify for RACE Credits (continuing education hours required for most veterinarians) beginning in 2020. Even better, as a member you will be receiving 30% off on the RACE Credit approved events!

15% Off the International Hoof Care Summit

The International Hoof-Care Summit offers unparalleled hoof-care education through highly informative and engaging General Sessions, practical Hoof-Care Classrooms, collaborative Hoof-Care Roundtables, instructional “How-To” Clinics and 10 uninterrupted hours to discover 2020’s newest footcare products at the Summit Trade Show. A no-time-wasted program will feature nearly 40 top-notch farriers, veterinarians and researchers delivering innovative ideas to help you increase your hoof-care knowledge and grow your business. All member will receive 15 percent off admission.

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Professional Membership: $300.00         
Practice Membership: $550.00
(Price based on two members. Please contact us for exact membership pricing based on group size.)
Student Membership: $150.00
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